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Kreon is the international reference in the field of ‘architectural’ lighting fixtures. The design of their collection represents a way of thinking that reduces each product to the bare essentials without compromise. Architecture can be reduced to a few basic forms such as a circle, a square or a rectangle. Kreon therefore considers its lighting fixtures as objects, each element of which is constructed from the purest form. We used the same idea for the development of the new house style.

  • Gevel_KREON
kreon headquarters, Opblabbeek, Belgium
Brand strategy

The preparation of the new house style was based on frequent consultation and research. We analysed the identity of kreon by means of a survey for employees and customers at home and abroad.

  • KRE_BD_30
  • KRE_BD_34
  • KRE_BD_38
  • Bauhaus_and_Bauhaus_93_Typeface
A sampling of Bauhaus and Bauhaus 93 type
  • KRE_BD_logo_1982
  • KRE_BD_logo_2000
  • KRE_BD_logo_2018
  • KRE_BD_logo-kreon-wit
  • KRE_BD_logo-kreon-zwart
  • KRE_BD_logo-belux-wit
  • KRE_BD_logo-belux-zwart
Type design

Together with type designer Fred Smeijers, we developed a custom-made font for kreon. The design — inspired by bauhaus — is based on simple geometric shapes such as circles, squares and triangles. The corners of the letters were slightly rounded, without sharp boundaries, like diffuse light.

Kreon is a new geometric sans-serif typeface that fits the philosophy and ideas of the company. The font is used in all printed and digital communication of kreon and belux.

  • KRE_TD_kreon22
Fred Smeijers, Catapult
  • KRE_TD_kreon3
  • KRE_TD_kreon4
  • KRE_TD_kreon8
  • KRE_TD_kreon9
  • KRE_TD_kreon11
  • KRE_TD_kreon12
  • KRE_TD_kreon10
  • KRE_TD_kreon13
  • KRE_TD_kreon14
  • KRE_TD_kreon15
  • KRE_TD_kreon16
Product catalogue

One of the applications in the new house style is the design of the product catalogue. The first part of the book is focused on the experience with pure architectural photography, shown in large format. In the second part, the lighting fixtures are presented with technical information. For this purpose, we designed a completely new matrix that is user-friendly and recognisable within the house style through the use of circles and squares.

We designed the layout of the first catalogues of kreon and belux together with the graphic designers of kreon. The catalogues are produced each year in 7 languages and distributed worldwide.

  • BEL_BD_catalogue_23
  • BEL_BD_catalogue_29
  • BEL_BD_catalogue_14
“The corporate identity of kreon and belux is more than just its products, it is the complete way in which kreon and belux position themselves in the market and communicate. Since 2000, Catapult has been more than our graphic consultant. Catapult has become a strategic partner in the search for a contemporary corporate identity which translated into a neat graphic manual, font, catalogue, photography guidelines and so much more.”

Kristof Pycke | Head of Product Development – Art Director, kreon

  • KRE_BD_21
  • KRE_BD_23
“A strong brand is worthless without a clearly recognizable and inspiring visual image. Catapult succeeds time and again in turning the kreon house style into the perfect catalyst for that image.”

Philippe van Doormaal | Global Marketing‑Communication Director, kreon

  • KRE_BD_zak_bollen
  • KRE_kreonicle_15
  • KRE_kreonicle_16
Digital design

We adapted the front-end of the existing structure of the kreon and belux websites to the new house style and improved the typography and the composition between image and text. It was a challenge to apply a better UI/UX design for the web platform of belux.

  • BELUX_DD_Website_phone

“It is stimulating when a client is inspired by your work and chooses to work with you for a long time because of your philosophy and methodology.”

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  • Brand design
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