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Brand Identity for Klimaatfestival Antwerpen (Climate Festival Antwerp)


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Klimaatfestival Antwerpen (Climate Festival Antwerp) is organised by Troebel, a philosophical platform that creates clarity in a troubled world. By taking a cultural-philosophical look at climate change, the festival highlights various aspects of the problems and challenges related to climate change. By developing the graphic and digital communication for the festival, we joined this project.


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Troebel vzw, Julia Alegre Mouslim and Maïté de Haan (© Eileen Vancraenenbroeck)
The power of imagination

The central theme of the first edition of the festival was “imagination”, inspired by philosopher and political thinker Hannah Arendt. Arendt valued imagination in judgement and political action. By reflecting climate issues through artistic creations, imagination could be stimulated. This imagination is, according to the organizers, crucial to realize a greener future. More imagination means more perspectives!

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Collage as visual language
To create our visual language for the festival, we used the collage technique, known in Pop Art and Dadaism. The collages show pictures, symbols and colors, randomly mixed together into one image. This creates captivating images that draw your attention like a billboard. This invites us to imagine a reality in a different perspective.
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Image processing module

Each event has its own page on the website with an animation at the top that functions as an illustration of the content of the event. We developed a module for CMS to generate the collages. In CMS, you can upload all the different elements for the collage per activity, give them a position, size and speed. This will be followed by the creation of an animated collage.

“Our collaboration with Catapult, our colleagues at the office, grew spontaneously and with a lot of care. Anton and his team took active part in the creation of the festival and because of that, the festival reached new heights. The visual identity of the festival depicts the complexity of the theme. The unique website contributed to the digital accessibility of the festival fits seamlessly with the theme of the festival.”

Julia Alegre Mouslim and Maïté de Haan

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(© Adel Setta & Eileen Vancraenenbroeck)
What we did


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  • Branding


  • Brand design
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  • Campaign
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  • Web design
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  • Print design
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