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Shaping light Belux kido, a new flexible and dynamic office lighting from the Swiss company belux. Catapult designed the brand identity, the marketing campaign, the animations, the website and the Point Of Sale (POS) material, in close collaboration with the product developers and the belux marketing team.

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Scroll animations

The landing page is set up as an animated infographic with the animations accurately timed according to the scrolling position. While scrolling, animations are started, content is made visible or temporarily locked in order to further build the page. In the top and side view, a scroll animation has been used, that is, we have linked the scroll position to the playback position of the animation. This makes it possible to scroll with the mouse through the animation and automatically pause it at any desired location.

Start of the landing page with an animation (Computer Generated Imagery)
Motion graphics (CGI)

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) is extremely suitable for visualizing and isolating product design, among other things. That is why we generated 3D rendered animations for the page intro and side view. Belux's R&D department supplied us with the 3D working drawing, of which we developed animations with the help of 3D software with the correct material expression and lighting.

Light simulator
Light simulator

The belux kido is a powerful lamp that has two light sources: indirect light directed upwards and direct light directed downwards. We developed the light simulator to visualise the effect of these light sources on the environment. With this interactive tool, both light sources can be individually adjusted in brightness and the effect on the environment can be seen in real time.
The light simulator uses real photography to optimally represent reality. In addition to adjusting the brightness, you can also switch between day and night, and choose between a light temperature of 3000K and 4000K.

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“Catapult succeeded wonderfully in creating the conditions that allow the beauty of belux kido to surface, providing our clients with optimal visual solutions for promoting complex lighting requirements.”

Philippe van Doormaal | Global Marketing‑Communication Director

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Product brochure belux kido
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  • Strategy
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