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Brand identity and digital design for a leading law firm


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The landscape of the advocacy has changed seriously the last decades, with new agile competitors and new challenges and opportunities in the market.

Our collaboration started in 2000 and up to this day we help GSJ to develop themselves by expanding their new brand identity and to distinguish themselves from the other major law firms in Flanders and Brussels. It is an ongoing project in which we focus on the functioning of GSJ and its B2B target audience.


  • logo_2000
Logo from 2000
  • logo_2010
Logo from 2010
  • logo_2019
Logo from 2020
Logo design

GSJ was the first law firm in Flanders to have a house style designed. In 2000 we developed the concept for their identity with a graphic house style. The logo has already lasted for 20 years and still does so today in a modified form. We have not changed anything about the concept ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’.

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Concept homepage

The homepage of the website is one big animation where we present GSJ in a dynamic and visual way. Each lawyer is symbolized by a coloured circle and each colour represents a department. The lawyers organise themselves into six departments. These departments complement each other to form a whole, because where knowledge is shared, new insights emerge. The logo is the graphic translation of this vision — A problem shared is a problem halved.

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“For more than twenty years now, we have known Catapult as a dedicated and meticulous partner for our communication. Our colour logo and the visual representation of our department were groundbreaking in the year 2000 and they are still well received. ‘Strong design has a long life’, a Catapult slogan of yesteryear, is a good reflection of why GSJ cherishes the collaboration.”

Bart Jacqmain | Lawyer partner, GSJ advocaten

Inbound marketing

The website we built for GSJ offers relevant content that is based on the interests and needs of the client. Through the gateways ‘sectors’ and ‘expertise’ everyone can quickly get to his or her desired information — Helping is the new selling.

Filter system

The lawyers of GSJ are the most important links in the organisation, each with their own personality and expertise. We used these specialties as core elements for the website. There is a direct link between the lawyer, his expertise and the sector he represents. Technically, all these characteristics are linked to each other. This makes it possible to automatically filter the large amount of information on the website so that only the relevant content is presented to the visitor. Is the visitor interested in the ‘education’ sector? Then all relevant expertise, news items and relevant lawyers team are automatically combined in a clear sector page.

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  • GSJ_Advocaten portretten6
  • GSJ_CASE_mobiel_04
  • GSJ_CASE_mobiel_05
  • GSJ_CASE_mobiel_06

“We are proud that we have been able to help GSJ by developing their identity into a strong brand in the legal world.”

What we did


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  • Brand design
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  • Web design
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  • Print design


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