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Corporate website for Buyssens lawyers


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The firm Buyssens lawyers has a strong reputation in employment law and social security law, but it had never told the world what they stood for — a solid team of experts with a healthy team spirit and driven by passion for their field. We helped them graphically develop their identity by creating a house style that expresses the ‘personality’ of the firm.


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An efficient division of labour, short communication routes, team spirit, the continuous sharing of knowledge and the development of skills are the best recipes for success for Herman Buyssens. With film and photo production we convert the vision of Herman Buyssens and his office into images. Photos and film shots of the lawyers with the ‘Butterfly’ in the background to create colour and ambiance.

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“The numerous positive reactions we received about our new website confirmed that we had made the right choice by picking Catapult. We appreciated their creativity and business acumen.”

Herman Buyssens | Senior partner, Buyssens lawyers

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Corporate website

The design of the website helps to determine a visual identity for the project, using colour, typography and photography to express the personality of the office.

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Logo and typography

The logo and the use of colour were kept sober in order to accentuate the visual language where tranquillity reigns, which radiates the shine and solidity of the office. The house style letters ‘Demos Next’ and ‘Praxis’ are used for all digital and printed communication. The absence of sharp corners gives these letters a soft appearance.

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What we did


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  • Brand design
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  • Web design


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