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Rolling Wireless is the world’s largest Tier 2 supplier of Network Access Devices (NADs) to the automotive industry. Major car brands worldwide use their communication modules and software to allow vehicles to communicate with each other or with the network, thereby making them safer and more attractive. Rolling Wireless approached Catapult to create a brand identity and website to differentiate itself from the other automotive tech companies.

Brand identity

Rolling Wireless is a leading automotive tech company. We created an expressive and recognizable brand identity that embodies this. The graphic identity consists of the Rolling Wireless logo, a color palette, recognizable typography, icons and a series of animated illustrations and diagrams. We have changed the typography and color of the existing logo. The logo is in bright blue on a black-blue background. For the brand identity we use the font ‘Space Mono’ in combination with ‘Space Grotesk’, supplemented with a set of custom icons. Rolling Wireless’s new brand identity now clearly differentiates the company from the competition.

  • RW_logo_opzwart_2
Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) is extremely suitable for visualizing product design, among other things. We have digitized the Rolling Wireless products into realistic 3D drawings. The Rolling Wireless Research & Development Center provided us with the technical drawing of which we graphically elaborated the 4G and 5G modules using 3D software with the correct material expression and lighting. The product drawings are used in presentations and the Rolling Wireless website, among other things.

Motion design

The website does not only show the products of the company, but also the operation of the 4G and 5G modules. We developed a series of short animations that illustrate the operation of the modules at a glance. We developed other graphically presented information such as diagrams in the same visual language, the striking characteristic of the identity that is repeated everywhere. The core of the identity remains blue — the new ‘Rolling Wireless bright blue’ — contrasting with the deep blue-black background.

  • ROW_Quality_Management_system_Roadmap
  • ROW_Logo_10
  • ROW_Logo_11
  • ROW_Logo_12
“Catapult has created a visual brand identity that clearly differentiates us from the competition. We are proud of it. They take care of all our communication and are customer-oriented, professional and friendly. No request is too much. Our cooperation is a very fruitful and satisfying relationship.”

Mette Hautemaniere | Director Marketing Communication

What we did


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