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Book design for Johan Creten


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  • Book design
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Johan Creten is a Belgian visual artist. He is considered a pioneer in the revival of modern ceramics and gave clay back a place in contemporary art. He was the first Belgian to exhibit at the Louvre in Paris. Creten worked in different cities, but later picked Paris as a permanent base.

In 2014 Johan Creten occupied an entire park in Antwerp: Middelheim Park. Commissioned by the Middelheim Museum, we designed the catalogue that appeared on the occasion of his exhibition de Storm. This was the beginning of a long-term collaboration with Johan Creten for the creation of books, catalogues and exhibition design.


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“A relationship of trust, a steady creative process, a thousand options, tough conversations and going to the essence in consultation.”

Johan Creten | Visual artist

“His sculptures inhabit a space between worlds, an intercept of surreal and expressionist, erotic dream and brutal physicality.”

Claudia Barbieri, The New York Times

Art on Paper, Bozar


Galerie Transit


Middelheim museum


Galerie Perrotin

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The Monaco Projects for the Arts

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Museum Beelden aan Zee

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Center Régional d'Art Contemporain d'Occitanie

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