Type An Sich 4 | ‘Pierre DI SCILLO, En Marchant Dans La Ville’

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The exhibition is a collection of recent realizations, projects that in one way or another have a link with ’strolling through the city‘. During our daily obligatory, sometimes very changeable, wanderings through the city, we are forced into certain forms of 'reading', sometimes fast, intimate, patient, dreamy or sorrowful. How do we place new landmarks or beacons in our already crowded space?

To circumvent uniformity, I try to create focal points. Designs that play with the proportions of the architecture. In doing so, I avoid the loud, just to transcend the already present urban noise. How? By sculpting the word, by piercing it, by unfolding it so that the light can take possession of it. By carefully choosing terms that, as much as possible, are independent of administrative meanings or of seemingly obvious communication.

This passion to develop writing in a larger space finds its roots in several interests: the childlike pleasure of confronting the human body and characters; the desire, after years of dedication to the printed graphic work, to pursue a spatial expansion of scale, to dare to venture into a form of architecture; the curiosity for literary experiences, where the reader is pushed into a more active role; a reading as a larger whole, literature as acrobatics, as a landslide or as a snake shedding skin.

— Pierre di Sciullo

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