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The province of Antwerp has a total of 16 green areas and recreation centers. Here you can enjoy lazy days, play sports or relax. You can visit 1700 hectares of forest, park, nature, heathland or castle domain that the provincial government manages and offers.

There was a need for unified tourist maps to paint a clear picture of the offer of the Provincial Green Domains and Recreation Domains. We searched for the typical characteristics of each domain and emphasized these by placing them on the map enlarged. In this way the reader can discover in a pleasant way the vegetation, animals, buildings, activities and sports on the domain. It was our attempt to draw a clear, pleasant and realistic image of each domain.

  • PRO_PD_hockey_staand2
  • PRO_PD_plattegrond_7**
  • PRO_PD_fietser_staand
  • PRO_PD_plattegrond_6
  • PRO_PD_plattegrond_7
  • PRO_PD_plattegrond_20
“We were looking for a graphic design firm to design maps for our provincial green and recreational areas. These domain plans then needed to be integrated into a folder. This was quite an assignment, involving both the unity between the dozens of domains as well as the authenticity between the dozens of domains as well as the authenticity of the domains. Catapult succeeded in this balancing act, which required a lot of creativity and communication, to an excellent result.”

Nathalie Butsana-Sita | Communication Consultant

  • PRO_PD_plattegrond_15
  • PRO_PD_plattegrond_17
  • PRO_PD_plattegrond_16
  • PRO_PD_plattegrond_kaarten_9
  • PRO_PD_plattegrond_kaarten_2
  • PRO_PD_plattegrond_kaarten_4
  • PRO_PD_plattegrond_kaarten_5
  • PRO_PD_plattegrond_kaarten_8
  • PRO_PD_plattegrond_8
  • PRO_PD_plattegrond_9
  • PRO_PD_plattegrond_10
  • PRO_PD_plattegrond_11
  • PRO_PD_plattegrond_13
  • PRO_PD_plattegrond_14
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  • Art direction
  • Print design
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