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Two entities intertwined, identity with logo and typeface for the Flemish government agency Arts & Heritage


  • Strategy
  • Brand design
  • Web design
  • Type design
  • Print design

Within the framework of ‘Better Administrative Policy’, Kunsten en Erfgoed (Arts and Heritage) asked us to have their image evaluated by internal employees and external relations. We organised a survey, analysed the answers and summarised everything in a strategic report.

Based on the results, we developed a new logo and integrated it into a recognisable house style. The key pillar for the new house style is a progressive, dynamic and accessible image. Kunsten en Erfgoed stands for clear and solid service. Visually this translates into tidiness and simplicity.

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Typographic logo

The agency consists of two departments: Kunsten (arts) and Erfgoed (heritage). We interpreted the design of the logo in two ways. The logo consists of serif and sans-serif capitals and we used the layout of the fonts Georgia and Verdana. The inside shape of each letter contains the same letter in the other font. The outer letters are grey while the inner letters are black. 

The two new fonts (Geover and Vergeo) symbolise information and the two entities. Their interaction reflects the dynamics of the organisation.

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“The logo is made out of the 2 house style letters. The letters are in perfect harmony, endlessly in motion - a bold yet friendly, contemporary yet established design.”

Type Design

We have extended the letters from the logo to two full-fledged new fonts Vergeo and Geover. Together with the logo, these new fonts are the most important basic elements that contribute to a recognisable house style.

The fonts can only be used textually to create titles and layout profiles for publications. But the composite images can also be used visually or illustratively: the typeface as visual recognition for Kunsten en Erfgoed.

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What we did


  • External survey
  • Internal survey
  • Research
  • Branding


  • Brand design
  • Logo design
  • Web design
  • Type design
  • Print design

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