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The European Seaport Organisation is the main interface between European seaports and the European institutions and its policy makers. ESPO represents the port authorities, port associations and boards of the seaports of 23 Member States of the European Union and Norway at the political level of the EU. ESPO also has observer members in Iceland, Ukraine and Israel.

In order to successfully meet the challenges of the coming years, ESPO has entered into a cooperation with Catapult in order to streamline communication with their members and to ensure that seaports have a clear voice in the European Union.

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ESPO does not consider itself as a B2B but as an M2M (members to members) organisation. One of the main tasks is to achieve and maintain good communication between the members. The website we created for them had to communicate with the outside world but above all facilitate communication between the members. For this purpose, we developed a members platform or ‘members area’. This platform is exclusively accessible to the members, with individually tailored content.

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Members area

The most important means of communication were the circulars. These are weekly, sometimes daily updates of new guidelines or recommendations from the world of seaports. We have automated the management of these circulars (now already more than 1700 copies). The system we developed for this purpose takes care of all facets: from sending the circulars to the appropriate members to automatically making them available in the 'members area'. The members themselves are divided into EU committees, which makes it possible to send targeted circulars and make them available to the members.

In addition to the circulars, the members area also provides access to ESPO views, publications and all online documents. These three channels, together with the circulars, form a communication platform that gives members access to all relevant information 24 hours a day in a protected environment.

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