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Personalized menu

Although you might like performance arts, chances are that not all of them interest you equally. Therefore we made a personalized category-menu that is saved inside your browser. Selecting and deselection the available categories allows you to make your selection, hiding from that moment on reviews that do not interest you.

Adjusting your personalized menu
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Highlighted by the author

What Pieter T’Jonck certainly did not want was a review rating system by stars or points. In his view, those rating systems are flawed in a way that they remove all depth of criticism. They narrow a full performance down to bad or perfect. While in reality maybe the performance was bad in exception of one aspect that was really interesting and made it worth watching.

This is why we chose for a ‘highlight by author’ system which allows authors to emphasize 5 performances a year that made an impression on them. These highlights are visualized by us with animated gradient review background colours in the overviews and on the review detail pages. On the author pages, a list of these highlights per author is accessible.

Highlights visualized with animated gradient review background colours
Day and night

Just like in real life, where lighting and moods change from light to dark, we build these emotions into Pzazz. During the day the site will have a clear bright look but as soon as the evening falls, it will automatically transition into its darker and dimmed counterpart. Making reading of longer texts much more pleasant for the eyes in all circumstances.

Pzazz by day
Pzazz by night

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