Catapult is a multifunctional design studio specialized in visual identities, editorial and digital publications. Based in Antwerp they work for institutional, cultural and industrial clients across various media: identities, books, magazines, websites, applications, posters, typefaces, exhibition design and signage. Their work has a strong conceptual and typographical base. 


We are Anton de Haan, Frank Kuijpers, Pieter Melis, Véronique Van Looveren and Tom Van Welkenhuyzen.


Synergy between strategic thinking and creativity
Design is our business, communications our work area. We like a nice design, search for a concept that appeals, go to the extreme for a flawless finish. But the craftsmanship of our employees serves a higher purpose: communication that works.

At Catapult we love to reduce complex issues to the essentials. For us, communicatation simply means bring together. Companies and organizations have a dialogue with their audiences. Catapult is supporting their efforts.

To launch such dialogue, we look for points of contact and lines of approach that bring the customer closer to the target. This starting point is then translated into a balanced design or a talked-about concept that makes the customer stand out.


Within the overall scope of communication Catapult can develop the most diverse applications. Most of our tasks are related to one of our three specialties: publications, graphic identity and new media.

Graphical identity
Successful companies and organizations are publicly perceived as strong personalities. Catapult develops a visual identity for the client that reflects his individuality and brings him closer to his target.

We create such an identity with several building blocks: a distinctive logo, an attractive color scheme, a balanced typography. We define the housestyle according to the customer's requirements, from practical directive to detailed housestyle book.

Then we apply the branding in the most diverse media, according to the customer's wishes. We devote special care to publications, from newsletter or magazine to company brochure or annual report. We do not only take care of the concept and the design, but also include photography, copywriting and editing in our services.

It is not easy to create a strong publication. Even if it looks nice at first sight, it is only in the perception of the reader that a realization gets its shine. Therefore, besides a sophisticated form and imagery, typography is the main instrument for Catapult to achieve this result.

At Catapult, we know that the typographical rules of thumb encourage thorough critical examination of the same rules. This increases the readability or reading comfort, improves communication and gives more power to words. Unmistakable elements for a professional edition.

New media
For those who work on corporate identity and publishing, the internet is an excellent ally. The personality of an organization or company and the strength of a brand can also be used online.

The challenge is to create the website the customer really needs. No more, no less. Catapult develops websites for clients that not only perfectly match the identity of the company or brand, but also function as a useful practical tool for marketing or logistics purposes.

We don't use unnecessary bells and whistles. We prefer a slim-designed and well-built side that quickly provides the visitor what he wants. Usability and reliability are as important to us as an elegant interface.


Work together
Catapult does not believe in hierarchy, nor in anarchy. Our office is staffed by professionals who work together. They have a broad view on the business but each of them involves his or her own skills and specialties.  

Catapult also works closely with external specialists, both in the creative and technical as in the logistical field. With many of those we have been working together for years now. Others are specifically selected for a particular contract.

Printing studio

Our studio is equipped with a workplace with 2 presses, a silkscreen and an etching (high pressure) press. We print free and commissioned work, tactile printing in small quantities such as invitations, posters, flyers, book covers, cards,...

Silkscreen printing inks are very well covering. This means that you can also print on dark image carriers. This is in contrast to planographic printing, letterpress printing and gravure printing, in which transparent inks are used. We use water-based inks without harmful solvents. Our screen windows have a maximum size of 120 x 160 cm. We can print on large paper formats (72 x 102 cm).

Etching & letterpress
We still make use of physical pressure force when using this letterpress. In this way it is possible to press the form deep into the paper. The worksheet is 95 × 170 cm, so we can print both on large and small format. We mainly work with wooden letters. With polymer plates we can convert digital design into real letterpress printing. The press we has been loaned out by Ronald GESTELS.