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Press conference City Poets, Letterenhuis, 2023 (© Koen Broos)

Relaunching Antwerp city poets


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On Poetry Day 2023, the city poetship got a new chapter. After 20 years of being carried by the city, the poets will now stand on their own two feet. In 2023-2024, as city poets, Lotte Dodion, Ruth Lasters, Proza-k & Lies Van Gasse will sing in full, for the city, for its inhabitants, and perhaps most of all for the fundamental freedom of the word.

As can be read in the manifesto on their website, the city poetship has been a unique tradition in Antwerp for twenty years, a multifaceted story written by a procession of literary talents, each with a different voice, their own style, but each time with hands full of fresh fire.

Former city poet Stijn Vranken (2014-2016) is one of the initiators.

Catapult applauds this initiative and supports the new city poet project so that poetry in all its forms and freedom finds its way to every corner, wall, floor, heart and night shop in the city.

The relaunch of the city poetry project is an initiative of Rataplan, Preserve The Desire, The Studio, Creative Writing, VONK & Sons, Roma, Avansa and Catapult.


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Joke van Leeuwen (© Koen Broos)

“Bezingers van het schone, het knarsige, het kiemende het weerbarstige.”

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Ruth Lasters wrote the first city poem ‘Yessie’. She dedicates it to Yessie, the last tiger from Antwerp Zoo.

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Yessie, Ruth Lasters, poster, sikscreen, 2023 (© Catapult)
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