Senior Graphic Designer

  • Full time or Part time (4/5)
  • 5+ years of work experience
  • Abobe Creative Suite
  • Brand design
  • Lay-out
  • Typography
  • Webdesign
  • Motion Design
  • Closing date on 15 August 2022
  • Employment from 1 October 2022
About us

At Catapult, we believe in the power of empathy, analysis and creativity to move businesses, people and the world forward. We believe brands can change the way we think and live - creatively, culturally and commercially. Together, we use our skills and our shared optimism to create work that matters.

Your role

As a graphic designer, your primary role is to deliver work with creative ideas, rigorous design and with strong strategic thinking.

We expect our designers to drive the work by mastering their craft, solving complex problems, taking responsibility for the details, embracing feedback and making continuous changes to projects. They are consistently proactive, responsible and responsive, immediately adapting to any situation.

  • You play an active role in our team from concept development to the delivery of graphic assignments.
  • You communicate and document your work and facilitate its implementation to ensure high quality designs.
  • You bring the visual identity of our clients to life and help develop it further.
Essential skills
  • Solid experience as a graphic designer.
  • You are quick and skilled with Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoschop.
  • Content analysis
  • Expressing yourself
Desired skills

Punctuality and perfectionism

  • You care about details and are able to deliver quality work.
  • You can meet strict requirements.
  • You are open to criticism and you do not miss an opportunity to question your work.

Appointments, organization and deadlines

  • You are independent and prioritize your tasks to ensure reliable, high-quality work.
  • You always stick to mutual agreements and deadlines.
  • You enjoy working in an environment that is open to challenge and experimentation.

Abstract thinking and being able to deal with complexity

  • You like to deal with complex structures and information.
  • You believe in using design to find solutions and solve problems.

Empathy and teamwork

  • You feel comfortable in a collaborative work environment where results are achieved as a team.
  • You welcome input from employees and clients.
  • You use feedback constructively.

Curiosity and desire to learn

  • You like new challenges and you believe that difficult problems can be solved in a multidisciplinary environment.
  • Work gives you energy, as does the prospect of learning new things every day.

Autonomy and adaptability

  • You know how to work independently, while also being a team player.
  • You question your approach and adjust it when it does not yield the necessary results.
  • You feel comfortable in a rapidly changing environment and with working methods that are constantly evolving.
Work environment

The Catapult team currently consists of 4 people, and we have plans to expand this in the coming years. We place openness at the heart of our culture.

  • We use the principle of a horizontal structure.
  • We value a diversity of backgrounds within our team.
  • We allow everyone to work independently and to set priorities.
  • We prefer a bottom-up approach to working, where problems are presented without imposing solutions.
  • We devote time and resources to professional and personal development and training.
  • We apply principles of transparency and fairness in the management of the company.
Recruitment procedure

We are looking for a talented Graphic Designer who is able to bring his own vision, ideas and experience to the team. The recruitment takes place in 3 phases:

  • We look at your resume, portfolio and motivation.
  • You have one or two job interviews with Tom (Senior Designer) and Anton (Senior Designer and founder).
  • You have a final meeting where you meet the rest of the team.

Send your CV, portfolio and motivation. +32 (0)3 239 10 10