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Johan Creten

Johan Creten

Contemporary Ceramics Centre

The exhibition was held at the Contemporary Ceramics Centre of La Borne from 14 October until 21 November, 2017. The works of Johan Creten were produced in the wake of his creative residency at the La Borne Residencies between 2014 and 2017.

La Borne

“For a long time, the fantasy of ‘La Borne’ filled my dreams. The mirage of a mythical place where potters and artists come together in the shade of great oaks and of chimneys spitting out the black smoke caused by the wood firing. This place where the soil is heavy and dark, where everyone works hard under a sky full of water. I often projected myself into this space filled with calmness, solitude and concentration, inhabited by these artists, masters of their craft and of their art.”

Johan Creten, 2016

Anonymous, An Iga senbei – tsubo, Jar for rice crackers, c. 1750
Anonymous, Rare large Jomon pottery bowl, Later Jomon Period, c. 500 BCE