Digital design



Real estate filtering

A custom-built filtering system was requested by the client. To give the best user experience we created a real-time filter that enables the visitor to select the estates by type, location and price.

Real estate filtering
Personal accounts
Visitors of the website can easily create a personal account to manage their favourite estates or submit their search criteria. In order to access the personal favourites on all your devices, we decided to save them into these personal accounts. The creation of these accounts is verified by an automatically sent activation mail.
Connection real estate software

We have built our Content Management System (CMS) in such a way that there is a live connection between the clients real estate software package and the website. The data will be automatically synchronized locally every half hour and immediately available online. This local data copy speeds up the website, reduces overhead connections and keeps the site online in case the external real estate software package should be offline. 

On top of that, this synchronized data can be overruled by Immodôme in our CMS in case they want different information to be presented to the website visitors than the data in their software package.

Flowchart website
Google Maps

To make the hunt for your ideal home easier, we added a ground-plan-view to the site. This enables the site-visitor to see the filtered real-estate in their surroundings. Although Google Maps is a very handy tool for this, it will get very costly when the site attracts a lot of visitors per day, as the Immodôme site does. Our client asked us to find a solution for this problem without losing the convenience of Google Maps on the site. To keep these monthly maps costs within budget, we opted for a smart way of using the map, by activating it only when it is visible inside the viewport, thus reducing the calls to Google Maps as much as possible. The maps on the estate-detail page’s will only be generated once, after that our caching system delivers the map without any call to Google Maps.


Immodôme is much more than your standard real estate agent. It grew out of passion by the founder Isabel De Laet, for architecture and the joy of matching people with their dream house. This love for architecture resulted in the DômeEvents, that are organized by Immodôme a few times a year. 

To visualize these events we have built an overview page that groups them into the categories architecture, art and interior. Upcoming events are automatically presented at the top of the page and, if they are still open for subscription, are equipped with a form that handles all the online subscriptions to the particular event.